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When I get mad at myself, I just want to do harmful things.

When did I learn to not care and to objectify myself? Where did my self-respect go?
"At the end of the day you dont owe the world a thin body in exchange for there acknowledgement and approval." -LacieGreen Tumblr has far to many girls with low self-esteem, If you continue to walk throughout life with a low value, rest assured the world really wont raise the price. For whatever unique body shape you have own up to it. We were not made the same for a reason, if everybody looked the same there would’nt be much to look at. Look at yourself, tell yourself your beautiful, when the enemy inside of you is gone, the enemy outside cannot hurt you. I know this wont make you think any different of yourself, but I hope to God you will look at this and know that even though you may not feel up to your own standards of ‘beautiful’ the people around you see the real ‘beautiful.’ You are not the girl or boy sitting next to you, so try not to judge yourself through someone else’s eyes. I know its hard, I know its not easy to look at yourself and feel good. Geez everybody self-criticizes, however if you can just start to form a positive love of yourself the way you love others despite their flaws, than a huge weight will be lifted. Are you happy? The way your going right now, are you sincerely happy? If your not happy, then why cause yourself the needless stress? If you dont like what you see then take the time to fix yourself the right way. If it’s because the power and control feels good, then maybe your not listening. Whatever problems are thrown at you, you do have a ‘say’ in things, people cannot read minds, maybe behaviors but if there is something bothering you then dont be afraid to ask for help. Your not a burden, your not worthless, your not bothering people so speak up. The family you fight with or ‘hate’ because their not letting you have your way, are simply trying so hard for your sake. Their trying to get you to understand the misconception that your fighting with. When you learn to love yourself then many things in your life will start to go well. You will be able to see the good more often then the bad. Right now what im saying may seem like a little dream to whats actually happening, but its up to you what you choose to believe. There really is no point to comforming to society if you can’t like who you are. Stop imprisoning yourself for the sake of what ‘everybody else wants to see’ be selfish and go eat. You deserve to eat, you deserve to be happy.

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.
- Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross